R&S Shipping

Logistics as a Business Strategy.

Logistics is not always visible to customers, but it is vital when it comes to customer experience. On-time deliveries are very important for a customer to become recurring and then could recommend the brand.

The Internet has made it easier for businesses to reach consumers through platforms that allows even the most demanding customers to obtain great information on products. Customer experience not only depends on our excellent customer service, it actually starts much earlier.

Achieving the timely delivery of a customer’s order requires integrated logistics processes, which involves three important areas.

  • Inventory availability
  • Efficient transportation
  • Technology for purchase and shipping

These three keys directly influence that the customer receives the product they want on time and in good condition, and along with it the shopping experience that it entails.

Development of a logistics strategy

There are three fundamental aspects that affect a supply chain that positively influences customers: such as the fact that the order arrives on time that it is in optimal conditions and that the customer can control where his product is during transport.

For this reason, we emphasize that logistics is vital for your customers to be satisfied.

Inventory availability:

It is of utmost importance that we are in complete safety that the products offered are available from when they are offered until they are delivered. Until today, there are technological tools that allow these controls to be carried out in a real way, even others can provide the appropriate date. to avoid stock break

Transport and packaging

More and more demanding consumers request faster deliveries, so having an effective and reliable transportation service is a key to the customer experience, and it gives formality to our business. In addition, it is of utmost importance that the client receives what he asked for and in optimal conditions.


That the packages are properly identified, and allow the client to know the package path in real time.

Each of these points influence consumer satisfaction, so you must create a strategic plan that allows a well-planned supply chain. Since the key for the internal business processes to develop properly is in integral logistics solutions.