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Technology management in Logistics

By Javier Carrizo

The crisis caused by COVID-19 is changing the way companies live and work, demanding, increasingly, faster, and more flexible. Depending on this, the logistics sector faces new challenges and needs, since it is one of the most relevant activities for society at this stage where our daily habits are modified and our industry, must respond to them.


There are, in my view, two fundamental aspects to contribute positively to this “new normal” that invites us to combine them in the best way. It’s about technology and human management.

On the one hand, we know that technology plays a leading role in achieving the efficiency required by new exchange processes. But what would become of technology without human management? A vital aspect of the development of new technologies is to ensure the personalization of services and understanding the particularities of each requirement. To do this, we need to stay constantly informed and up-to-date, know the market and what are the new means and habits of consumption, and be aware of current and future trends. We need to be aware of where we are standing, what resources we have, and what tools they are advised to develop to deliver better quality and experience to our customers.

We are aware that we are at a time when technology serves to optimize time and resources, simplify tasks, obtain real-time information and shorten distances, but we also know the importance of excellent management by qualified professionals, based on being flexible, know how to empathize and generate high-quality links and communications to achieve the expected satisfaction. The management of people, the coordination of the work teams, allows us to contribute skills, add value, and creativity to achieve a more efficient and productive logistics.

The benefits and opportunities that technology brings to us are clear, however, our level of commitment to management, our level of specialization, and the passion for what we do every day, continues to make a difference.


By Javier Carrizo (05/10/2020). Technology management in Logistics. http://www.logisticasud.enfasis.com/